Carleton Place has Iron-Clad Beginnings

Today, Carleton Place’s mill buildings have evolved to house condos and high-tech companies, but their origins were steeped in an industry that brought the town international recognition: iron foundries. From Sam Fuller’s small-scale operation beginning in the 1840s (stoves, sawmill fittings and ploughs) to the renowned Findlay family’s operation that spanned more than a century, Carleton Place has left a mark on the map for this industry. The Findlay stove and electrical appliance manufacturing business was started by David Findlay in 1862 and it grew from a one-man operation producing agricultural and machinery pieces for local use to a vast foundry with worldwide appeal managed by four generations of Findlays until 1974. Find out how this company eventually evolved to become vital to the town’s economy and employment, and what legacies the Findlays left behind. Check the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum for info at 613-253-7013 or

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