A World Record Nod to Maple History

Not only is Lanark County the Maple Syrup Capital of Ontario, but one of our largest maple farms is now a Guinness World Record holder on that front! Wheelers Pancake House and Maple Sugar Camp has given as much consideration to the history of sugar making as it has the yummy business of doing it. In 2009 Wheelers received a National Historic Plaque for paying homage to the nation’s maple heritage through its museum and display. Now Guinness has acknowledged the vast collection of maple artefacts compiled by Vernon Wheeler, who owns and operates the farm with his wife Judy and their family. The record is for “largest collection of maple syrup production artefacts.” It consists of 5,228 items, including 1,325 maple sap spouts, 507 maple sugar molds, 694 maple syrup serving jugs, 100 Native sugaring artefacts, 37 maple syrup dippers and 263 sap buckets. The Wheelers started the venture in 1978 and cater to more than 30,000 people each year. Go and check it out! After perusing the collection and touring the 730-acre site with more than 20,000 trees for sugar production, several trails, a playground and displays, you might just need to fuel up with some delicious pancakes and, of course, maple syrup!  www.wheelersmaple.com