Outdoor art installations in Brooke Valley, Ontario

Fieldwork invites visitors to the opening of SOUNDWORK on Saturday, May 13.

SOUNDWORK is a series of outdoor installations that explore the intersection of sound and art.  Eleven artists, many of which are known nationally and internationally for their experimental uses of sound in art, have created six new works inspired by the land at Fieldwork.

The opening of SOUNDWORK, from 2-5pm, will be a unique opportunity to tour the Fieldwork site with the artists, listen to performances, learn more about the growing field of sound art and celebrate a milestone in Fieldwork’s history.

Visitors to this year’s exhibition, SOUNDWORK, will be intrigued by the diverse ways that sound, in conjunction with technology and visual components, animates art. Many of this year’s pieces are interactive – inviting visitors to activate sonic components or to simply listen to acoustic environments that may have been generated both naturally and/or electronically.

SOUNDWORK celebrates 10 years of land-based creativity at Fieldwork, a unique outdoor art space located on a rural property in eastern Ontario. Fieldwork hosts an annual exhibition of site-specific public art along the trails that crisscross its 20-acre site.
The exhibition will continue through October. Fieldwork is open for the public to explore, free of charge, all year round.

Fieldwork is grateful to the Ontario Arts Council for their continued support.
Information: www.fieldworkproject.com


Opening of SOUNDWORK : Saturday, May 13. 2-5pm
Location: A field with an adjoining forest across the road from 2501 Old Brooke Rd. 15 minutes west of Perth, near the village of Maberly.

Contact: Susie Osler. Project Coordinator (613) 268-2024
Email: fieldworkproject@gmail.co
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