Meet with friends at cozy places: Find your hygge in Lanark County

There’s no better time to get warm and snug than when it’s cold and frosty outside, and January is the ideal time to indulge. Around the world, the trendy Danish concept of hygge (pronounced hu-ga) is alive and well, and visitors to Lanark County are invited to celebrate coziness in all its forms.

In an area known for the wealth of heritage buildings that embody all the best concepts of warmth and comfort – like warm fireplaces, timeless class and inviting elegance – Lanark County has the hygge factor you need.

Whether your idea of the perfect wintry day involves a cuppa something warm and frothy, a warm, soft blanket, a cheery atmosphere, or something as simple as a chat with an old friend, Lanark County is where you want to be to embrace your inner hygge.

You may not be wearing your favourite pyjamas with the penguins on them – unless you really want to – but you will still be able to relish the enveloping warmth of these six cozy Lanark County experiences. Read on for the best – and hyggiest – hotspots in Lanark County, and celebrate the Canadian winter from a warm vantage point.

  1. Après-ski lounging

Nothing makes you feel more deserving of collapsing in a comfy chair and indulging in a warm drink than when you’ve earned it, like after a day on the slopes! At Mount Pakenham Ski Resort, you can relax in the ski chalet after a day of outdoor activities. Their snug, timber-framed building embodies coziness, and the indoor/outdoor fireplace is the pièce de résistance for this hygge hotspot. Relax for a cup of hot chocolate, some nibbles, or just to warm up before hitting the slopes again!

  1. Java inspired

Whether you’re a coffee lover, or prefer your java with some sweet additions like honey, maple syrup, frothed milk, cinnamon or nutmeg, you’ll be in hygge heaven in any one of the many cafés in Lanark County. Equator Coffee Roasters in Almonte offers guests cozy armchairs and benches in an informal atmosphere that will make conversations come alive. In Perth’s Café Bean, you can relax into a lush sofa or chair, or bask in the warmth of an electric fireplace that completes the cozy ambiance in this historic factory building. The Ginger Café in Carleton Place is a renovated train station that boasts a comfy interior with colourful patchwork throw pillows, decadent leather club chairs, and a fireplace that will warm you from the inside out. Enjoy a cup of something warm and frothy, and utterly sinful, in any of these locations.

  1. Buon appetito!

Italy may not be right next door to Denmark, but take one step inside one of our Italian restaurants and you’ll find warm, romantic lighting, colourful interiors and steaming, fragrant dishes. In Perth, Bistro 54’s intimate setting and warm ambiance make this the perfect place for a little indulgence. Café Postino in Almonte is another Italian restaurant, located in a historic post office that brings the warmth of its architecture to its interior. This café’s coziness will indulge your snug-meter while you savour. Both restaurants are located in the heart of these community’s downtowns, which make them the perfect destination to warm up with some retail therapy.

  1. Tea Time

Feel the comfort that comes with a steaming pot of tea and good conversation.  Have a sip at Tea and Cake in Almonte, the perfect place to relax with a deliciously elegant homemade sandwich or soup. In Perth, Crossroads Tea Room has a reputation for the best high tea in the region – traditional scones served with clotted cream and jam, and tiny delicacies including light and delicious crustless sandwiches. Both tea rooms are located in historic buildings with eccentric décor that tell stories of a time when wood stoves and doilies added charm to the home, and exchanging recipes over tea was a popular pastime.

  1. Snug pubs

Step inside these two Lanark County pubs and the warm, boisterous atmosphere will make you feel like you are among friends. Located in historic Code’s Mill in Perth, Fiddleheads brings to mind a Scottish pub from the 19th Century, with low ceilings, an informal and thoroughly pub-ish main room, with an adjoining fine dining restaurant. And down the street in Perth’s former apothecary, O’Reilly’s Ale House is the spot for to enjoy live music on a Friday night or the perfect after-dinner drink.

  1. Overnight hygge

Coziness is even more important at night when the temperatures plummet, and you’re yearning for a warm fire, a fuzzy blanket, and a comfortable bed (not necessarily in that order). Lay your head in some cozy-inspired inns and bed and breakfasts, and complete your day in true hygge-style. In Perth, you have your choice of cozy overnight accommodations; Perth Manor, a historic boutique inn with the classic warmth of the 19th century, and Suite Miss Scarlet, an 1800s private cottage suite, or The White House Inn boasting large suites with private fireplaces and Jacuzzi baths. In Almonte, Riverside Inn, a historic waterfront inn situated on the Mississippi River, and Menzies House, a historic, waterfront building where you’ll find the history and lush interiors of a boutique accommodation and an exceptional coziness factor.