Township of Lanark Highlands


Numerous scenic hamlets such as Hopetown, Middleville, Poland, Lavant, Flower Station, Elphin, Watson’s Corners and McDonald’s corners speckle the Highlands. The total population is a quaint 5,128 people. The village of Lanark is the main settlement.

Lanark Highlands is home to several dozen lakes, such as Clayton, Taylor, White, Dalhousie, Patterson, Flower Round and Clyde. The Mississippi River crosses the municipality from west to east and the Clyde River meanders its way from north to south to meet up with the Mississippi River south of Lanark Village. As its name suggests, Lanark Highlands also offers picturesque vistas of rolling hills and Canadian Shield topography, combining with the abundant water bodies to form prime cottage country.

Signature Events: Lanark Highlands Rally, the Middleville Fair, & McDonald’s Corners Fair 

Township of Lanark Highlands
75 George Street, PO BOX 340
Lanark, ON  K0G 1K0