Year-round Maple Experiences in Lanark County


It stands to reason that a place known as the Maple Syrup Capital of Ontario would abound in the sweet, liquid gold! In Lanark County, local food is a form of expression and maple products adorn every table. Maple syrup ranks high on the list of super foods with the health benefits it offers, and Lanark County boasts myriad award-winning producers, including World Champion and premier awards at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

Once the sap run is over and the maple products are made, you can continue to enjoy the magic of maple all year, especially in autumn when the county’s forests explode with colour – one of the most dramatic displays in the world! Visit Lanark County to learn why we are National Geographic’s number one food experience in Ontario (2011).

Visit a Maple Producer in Lanark County!

Traditional Canadian Pancake Breakfast

Maple Beer

Try the very Canadian Maple Ale at Perth Brewery’s tasting bar, the Maple Porter at Cartwright Springs in Pakenham.

Maple Chocolate

Hummingbird Chocolate in Almonte creates are a real treat from bean to bar, made with local maple products. Hummingbird offers educational tours demonstrating their chocolate-making techniques. Try a taste, and buy some chocolate bars to take home.

Maple Fudge

Found at the Cheddar Stop in Carleton Place, Ottawa Valley Fudge is made with Thompsontown maple syrup from Clayton. Try a taste, purchase a slab and take it to go.

Maple Latte

Enjoy a maple latte made with Fulton’s maple syrup at Equator Coffee Roasters in Almonte.

Maple Moonshine

Top Shelf Distillers in Perth now offer maple moonshine. Tasting tours are offered for $10 per person.

Maple Spa

Experience a maple manicures at Parkside Spa in Perth, or a maple body scrub at Tay River Reflections using Fulton’s Maplicious maple lotion, maple scrub, maple shea butter made with real maple syrup produced by Fulton’s in Pakenham.

Maple Sweet Potato Fries

Order these sweet and salty fries drizzled with Stead’s maple syrup at the Stone Cellar Restaurant in downtown heritage Perth.

Maple Tarts

Sunflower Bake Shop in Perth makes a fabulous maple pecan cranberry tart and maple raisin tart made with syrup produced by Pat Furlong for over 17 years.

Maple History

Wheeler’s Maple Heritage Museum

Named one of the Top 10 maple experiences in Canada by Canadian Geographic, Wheeler’s Maple Heritage Museum houses the largest collection of maple artifacts in Ontario.  This quaint museum is located on the same property as Wheeler’s Chainsaw & Logging Museum, also displaying an extensive collection of Agriculture Implements and antique farm equipment.

Sammy Sap Man

Local maple enthusiast Noreen Tyers has developed activity books for children. To order a copy, contact Noreen at 613-264-0312.

When the Sugar Bird Sings The History of Maple Syrup in Lanark County

A book by Claudia Smith. From buckets and horse-drawn sleighs to modern pipeline operation. Archival photographs from long-time residents illustrate this delightful history. Available through Chapters and

Take Maple Home

 Maple Baking

Maple sugar, maple chips and maple pancake mix are all available at Coutts Country Flavours.

Maple Candies

You’ll find candy made by Ennis Maple Products at Foodsmiths or at Coutts Country Flavours, where they make their own  hard and soft candy and chewy maple drops.

Maple Chocolate Brownies

It’s true. Available at Coutts Country Flavours in beautiful Rideau Ferry.

Maple Covered Peanuts

Find these nutty treats at Balderson Village Cheese Store made by Ennis Maple Products.

Maple Granola

Coutts Country Flavours makes the maple syrup and creates a maple granola that you can turn into breakfast or baking!

Maple Pies

Frozen maple mousse pie is always available at Baker Bob’s in Almonte. At Coutts Country Flavours store in Rideau Ferry you’ll find freshly baked pies of all kinds: maple apple, maple strawberry rhubarb, maple wild blueberry, maple pecan or maple raspberry!

Maple Preserves

Maple butter, maple strawberry jam and maple raspberry preserves are made and sold on-site at Coutts Country Flavours in Rideau Ferry.

Online Maple Shoppe & Gift Giving

Order maple products online year-round at Fulton’s Maple Shoppe or Foodsmiths

Maple Recipes

The Ontario Maple Syrup Producers recipes are available online, and a new all-maple cookbook was launched in 2016, entitled “Simply Maple”. Contact the producers to order a copy.

New Grading System 

Now in place, there is a new standard international grading system that is consistent for producers, packers, distributors and consumers. Proposed by the International Maple Syrup Institute, all Grade A Pure Maple Syrup will be graded as golden, amber, dark and very dark,  formerly known as extra light, light, medium and dark. It is also proposed that each grade will include a description about the intensity of flavour to help folks tell the difference. For example, golden is “delicate,” amber is “rich,” dark is “robust” and very dark is “strong” in taste. Yummy!

Maple Events

Maple Weekend

This kick-off to the season, Maple Weekend is held annually on the first weekend of April. You are invited to visit participating maple sugar camps across Ontario. Tapping trees for sap is a time-honoured tradition that is practised using heritage and modern methods that you can see in action at numerous sugar bushes and camps across the county. The Lanark and District Maple Syrup Producers Association ( is an organization representing the interests of more than 60 leading syrup producers. Over 100 other smaller and hobby syrup makers ply their craft across the rural areas of the county.  Taste the bounty on the table – there are many opportunities! Visit one of the following sugar camps that open their doors to the public.

Festival of the Maples

This annual celebration of everything maple takes place on the last Saturday of April in Downtown Heritage Perth. At Festival of the Maples, meet the producers, see demonstrations and enjoy family entertainment.

Maple Run Studio Tour

During maple season, enjoy this free, self-guided driving tour showcasing, artisans, heritage buildings and locally made products. The Maple Run Studio Tour will introduce you the the artists of Mississippi Mills, as they open their doors to you.

Look for the Mississippi Mills Maplelope

The Maplelope is a purely fictitious and utterly imaginary denizen of the deep woods of Mississippi Mills. Its distinctive M-shaped hoofprints have been sighted during maple season at area sugar bushes.