Equine Yoga at Willaway Farm

Horse Equine Willaway

Breathe, stretch, strengthen and connect at a new Lanark County equine yoga experience

You’ve likely heard of goat yoga or puppy yoga, but you may not have heard of a new kind of yoga with animals – horse yoga. At Willaway Farm in Lanark County, you can experience the gentle nature of horses as you practice yoga side-by-side your equine friend. Breathe, stretch, strengthen, and connect in this totally new and exciting equine wellness experience.

The meaning of yoga is “union” and Willaway Farm’s Equine Wellness programs explores the dynamic between horses and humans. Horses are the perfect animal to accompany a yoga practice – these large, peaceful, and loving animals are massive reminders to slow down and take some time to enjoy the sun (and hay!).

Only a few minutes spent in Willaway Farm’s tranquil surroundings and stresses seem to disappear. Visitors will love the 28-acre property and indoor arena, and with 12 horses  on the property,  you’ll find your perfect equine match for your personality and yoga style.

Willaway Farms’ horses are yoga pros, and are well-trained gentle animals that understand sometimes everyone needs a little someone to lean on. No yoga or horse experience necessary!

Program participants can learn about horses, yoga, and themselves through two different Equine Wellness choices, each bringing their own unique take on yoga. Yoga with Horses is a one-hour yoga practice combined with horses, while Yoga, Horses and Tea is a two-hour session that includes one-and-a-half hours of learning about horse language and behaviours and yoga alongside your horse, followed by a soothing tea and baked treat in a relaxed atmosphere.

Equine Wellness programming is run by Willaway Farm owner, Susan Allan. Allan is a YOGA Alliance certified yoga instructor, an Equine Facilitated Wellness (EFW) member and a Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) certified instructor, and brings a lifetime of experience and  training, to her farm and yoga practice.

Have your own horse? No problem – Wiillaway Farm also offers a Bed & Bale option where you can bring your horse with you and stay overnight right on the farm. Rest, restore, and connect with your horse in a new way at Willaway Farm.

Cost for Yoga with Horses is $50 per hour for a single private session, or $150.00 for six group sessions. Yoga, Horse and Tea programs are available by advanced booking.  The cost for a group of up to four participants is $200.00.  All costs are plus tax.