More than Fries: The Best of Lanark County Food Trucks

Food trucks are about more than just fries – today’s food trucks have elevated the traditional street food experience with high quality ingredients and one-of-a-kind recipes.  Delicious food truck cuisine is found throughout Lanark County, serving customers everything from hand-cut…

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Six places to experience Nature & Wildlife

Trails and Bird Watching

Six places to experience nature and wildlife in Lanark County Break out the camera and hiking shoes and head to Lanark County to experience fantastic wildlife viewing opportunities, in stunning natural settings. From lakeside oases, to miles of pristine wilderness…

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Get off the beaten Path: Tiny Cabin Nature Retreat

Get off the beaten path with a tiny cabin nature retreat in Lanark County There’s nowhere better to get away from it all than in scenic Lanark County, where pristine natural settings offer unparalleled outdoor experiences. Now, visitors can kick…

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