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A world heritage destination

Bordered by the historic Rideau River Waterway to the south and the Mississippi River to the northwest, this charming area welcomes boaters from around the world and celebrates the history of boating during their biennial signature event, the Rideau Ferry Vintage Boat Regatta. Navigate through the picturesque  hamlets of Port ElmsleyBaldersonInnisvilleFerguson’s Falls, Drummond Centre, Wayside and legendary Rideau Ferry to get the most out of your visit.

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  • Drummond/North Elmsley is home to champion Ian Millar, internationally renowned equestrian and Olympic Gold Medalist.

History: The Township of Drummond/North Elmsley was created in 1998 by the merging of the Townships of Drummond and North Elmsley.  It is located in central Lanark County and has a population of 7,773.

It is a mostly rural Municipality and is bounded by the Historic Rideau River Waterway to the south and the Mississippi River to the north-west.  It includes the Hamlets of Rideau Ferry, Port Elmsley, Balderson, Drummond Centre, Wayside, Innisville and Ferguson’s Falls.  The southern portion of the Municipality features many lakes,rivers and mixed forests while the more western and northern areas feature rolling hills and fertile farmland.  The Township is considered the southern gateway to Lanark County’s “Maple Trail.”

Signature Event: Rideau Ferry Regatta



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