Township of Lanark Highlands

Travelling Lanark Highlands

Sense the difference

As the name suggests, Lanark Highlands offers picturesque vistas of rolling hills and Canadian Shield topography, a geology that creates the perfect terroir for maple syrup production. Among vast forest lands, the hamlets of Hopetown, Middleville, Poland, Lavant, Flower Station, Elphin, Watson’s Corners, McDonald’s Corners and the ghost town of Herron’s Mills pepper the area around the main Village of Lanark. Abundant water bodies and beaches make for prime cottage country. Feel the freedom.

Make a Memory

  • Take in the largest collection of maple artifacts in the world at Wheelers Pancake House, Sugar Camp and Maple Museum
  • Get to know the animals at Serendipity Alpaca Farm
  • Play a round of golf over rolling hills at Timber Run Golf Course
  • Hike to the summit of Blueberry Mountain at cliffLAND
  • Bring a friend for a walk with your dog on the Baird Trail
  • Stroll along the boardwalk at Purdon’s Conservation Area to see North America’s largest colony of Lady’s Slipper Orchids
  • Research your ancestry at the Middleville Museum
  • Swim at one of the natural beaches
  • Find serenity at Circa 1894 Day Spa
  • Meet the locals at the Middleville Fair or McDonald’s Corners Fair, where home cooking abounds
  • View over five-acres of display gardens at Whitehouse Perennials
  • Learn to weave or take a pottery class at MERA Schoolhouse
  • See the private collection at Lanark Highlands’ Basketry Museum
  • Find the best produce at the farmers’ market in McDonald’s Corners
  • Eat breakfast with the community at Snow Road Station Clubhouse

Did you Know?  Wheelers Maple holds the Guinness World Record for Maple Artifacts. 


The total population is a quaint 5,128 people. The village of Lanark is the main settlement.

Lanark Highlands is home to several dozen lakes, such as Clayton, Taylor, White, Dalhousie, Patterson, Flower Round and Clyde. The Mississippi River crosses the municipality from west to east and the Clyde River meanders its way from north to south to meet up with the Mississippi River south of Lanark Village. As its name suggests, Lanark Highlands also offers picturesque vistas of rolling hills and Canadian Shield topography, combining with the abundant water bodies to form prime cottage country.

Signature Events: Lanark Highlands Rally, the Middleville Fair, & McDonald’s Corners Fair 

Township of Lanark Highlands
75 George Street, PO BOX 340
Lanark, ON  K0G 1K0