Flavour matters: What makes Lanark County maple syrup taste so good

Year after year, the distinct flavours of Lanark County maple syrup are celebrated on tables across the region. Like fine wine, the geographical location where maple syrup is made has a big impact on its flavour.

Interestingly, it is the same scenic topography that draws thousands of visitors to Lanark County each year that is also a contributor to the flavours found in the syrup made there. The combination of minerals in the soil found in Lanark County offer an especially diverse “terroir” that flavours the world champion maple syrup produced across the county.

Making such distinct and flavourful maple syrup is a point of pride for Lanark County maple syrup producers, and this sweet springtime treat is woven into the culture of the communities in Lanark County.

The Lanark County Maple Flavour Wheel describes the many different flavours found in maple syrup. The syrup produced in Lanark County falls in the “Confectionary” range and is a sponge–taffy-tasting syrup that tastes great on pancakes. The flavour of Lanark County’s syrup is unique and highly sought after by maple syrup connoisseurs.

As the Maple Syrup Capital of Ontario, this sweet liquid gold is considered part of the very fabric of the community and celebrated, revered and loved, all year long. In spring, the maple syrup harvest is celebrated at maple sugar bushes and through community events, but the celebration continues into fall, where the concentration of sugar maple trees creates a dramatic display of fall colours.

 The maple syrup influence in Lanark County doesn’t end there, it’s found everywhere from the Rideau Canal to Canada’s Mississippi River, where maple syrup pours from every table and is found in local restaurants, spas, breweries & distilleries, museums, specialty stores, factories, and even in the architecture.

Visitors from all over the world enjoy this authentic Canadian experience, spring, summer, fall and winter. Maple-themed events taking place in Lanark County are a chance for visitors and the communities to celebrate the importance of maple syrup to the fabric of the community. A few of these include:





Festival of the Maples:

The Festival of the Maples is a free, outdoor celebration of everything maple that has been taking place in Perth the last Saturday of April for more than 40 years.

Maple Weekend:

On the first weekend in April, participating maple syrup producers open their operations during Maple Weekend to celebrate and share the first maple harvest of the season.

Maple Run Tour:

The annual Maple Run Tour is a self-guided driving tour showcasing artisans, heritage buildings and locally made products during the maple season.

Agricultural Fairs:

In September, Lanark County is home to the Maberly Fair, McDonald’s Corners Fair, Middleville Fair, Pakenham Fair, and the Perth Fair. Visitors are invited to visit a fall fair and experience the beauty of Lanark County’s forests as Lanark County’s sugar maples turn from green to gold. 

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