Fulton’s Sugarbush & Pancake House celebrates 50 Flippin’ Years in Lanark County

Fultons Maple Pancakes

In a land referred to as the Maple Syrup Capital of Ontario, the maple heritage in Lanark County is as rich as a golden and delicious maple syrup. Here, maple syrup producers like Fulton’s Sugarbush & Pancake House count their years of operation in decades, and multi-generational sugarbushes like theirs are scattered throughout the countryside. 

Fulton’s Sugarbush sits on 400 beautifully wooded acres in Lanark County, and offers the quintessential sugarbush experience. During maple season, visitors can expect to experience horse-drawn sleigh or wagon rides, treks through the network of trails that run through the forest, and a closer look at how organic maple syrup is produced from tap to table.

For more than 170 years, five generations of Fulton’s family have been making delicious and award-winning maple syrup. Fulton’s story is typical of sugar making in Ontario; what started as a small family operation five generations ago has since evolved into a much larger operation that employs up to 35 people, including family.

The Fulton family had reason to party this year, as they celebrated the tongue-in-cheek anniversary of “50 Flippin’ Years” – or 50 years spent flipping pancakes and serving customers at their Pakenham pancake house, from 1969 to today. There is certainly reason to mark the occasion: Each spring, Fulton’s pancake house serves roughly 900 meals a day, for a total of more than 12,000 meals each season – that’s more than 20,000 pancakes!

Fulton’s anniversary attracted visitors from far and wide, as well as international attention – the sugarbush received media attention from The New York Times who visited the sugarbush to do a story to mark the occasion. The pinnacle of the celebration at Fulton’s included a staff alumni reunion, an event that drew more than 100 former staff members out to the sugarbush to trade memories of the celebrations and mishaps that have taken place over decades of operations at Fulton’s.

Fulton’s success as an organic maple syrup producer makes sense when you consider its location – Lanark County is a place where maple syrup is celebrated in all its forms, and the list of products that can be enhanced with maple syrup is virtually endless. No one knows this better than Fulton’s, where their product line has evolved far beyond maple syrup.

Fulton’s carries a line of organic maple teas, the result of a partnership with an Ottawa-based tea producer, along with a full range of Maple Luscious skincare products, developed using the sweetest of ingredients, maple syrup.

You don’t need to travel to Pakenham to sample Fulton’s syrup – the sugarbush has partnered with local businesses to feature their syrup in products available throughout the area, including the award-winning Hummingbird Chocolates’ delicious maple chocolate bar, and Healthy Food Technologies’ The Great Canadian Donut, a delicious low-fat donut topped with pan-fried bacon and covered in Fulton’s Maple Sugar.