Give the gift of love: Artisanal gifts and edibles, made with love in Lanark County

Wish to share some joy through giving? You can easily give the gift of love with delicious delicacies and artisanal gifts – all made with love in Lanark County.

Finding that special something is a magical experience. Imagine strolling through historic and charming downtowns, where trees line the streets and that hometown feeling comforts the soul. In the communities of Mississippi Mills, Carleton Place, Drummond/North Elmsley, Perth, Montague, Beckwith, Lanark Highlands, or Tay Valley, you’ll find handmade treasures and artisanal gifts like locally made pottery, woodworking, art, jewellery, baked goods, chocolates, sweet treats, and more.

For the uninitiated to the joys of small-town shopping, spending time in Lanark County will put you in the spirit of giving.

Read on for fantastic artisanal gift ideas, made right here in Lanark County.


  1. Small-batch brews and liquors

Small-batch, artisanal brews and distilled spirits are a perfectly delicious gift – find the perfect bottle of craft beer or liquor to give this year, and Lanark County is home to so many breweries and distilleries you’ll have plenty to choose from! Sample the one-of-a-kind Vodkow at Dairy Distillery or Crooked Mile Brewing in Almonte or Cartwright Springs in Pakenham to pick up a six-pack (or two). In Carleton Place, choose between the German-inspired Braumeister Brewing Co. and fun and funky Stalwart Brewing Co., or visit both and find something for every discerning palate on your list.

In Perth, Top Shelf Distillers is concocting fantastic small-batch liquors, while Weatherhead Brew Co. appeals to the inspired beer lovers, while the popular Perth Brewery has been helping to make life a little brighter for more than 25 years! If you’re into cider, try a bottle of traditionally crafted wild cider from Ugly Apple in Lanark Highlands!


  1. Single-origin Maple delights

As the Maple Syrup Capital of Ontario, Lanark County has plenty of maple goodness to share! Visit the online Maple Shoppe at Fulton’s Pancake House & Sugarbush, Wheelers’ Pancake House & Sugarcamp, or Temple’s Sugar Bush and see how many maple-themed delights are available for purchase – perfect for the sweetest people in your life. Try the Maple Barbeque sauce or the Maple Blueberry preserve. Mmmmaple!



  1. Artisanal and One-of-a-kind

It goes without saying that the best of artisanal, handmade, and artistic products are made in Lanark County. A few local favourites are soft and fuzzy blankets to handy woolen dryer balls, you’ll find sheepskins and everything yarn at The Real Wool Shop in Carleton Place. Exceptional local artwork is on virtual display online at the Sivarulrasa Gallery in Almonte. Endless options of hand made creations by local artisans are posted on Etsy – just filter by location to find the artists near you!



  1. Sweet Fudge and Chocolatey Treats

Find something to satisfy every sweet tooth on your lists with sweet nothings, made with love in Lanark County. Enjoy homemade fudge from Penny’s Fudge Factory in Pakenham, or The Cheddar Stop in Carleton Place. For chocolate lovers, we have three renowned chocolateries from which to choose: Village Treats in Lanark Village; Perth Chocolate Works in Perth; or the award-winning chocolate marker, Hummingbird Chocolate Factory, in Almonte. Remember, life is like a box of chocolates – make sure yours is made in Lanark County!



  1. Home Baked Goodness

Nothing says I love you like homemade goodies – squares, cakes, pies, pastries, cookies, and more! Order online and pick up a legendary carrot cake or cranberry maple buttertarts at Sunflower Bake Shop in Perth. Perth Pie Co., located in the same community, is a storefront dedicated to one of the most delicious baked goods ever – pies, including a pecan pie that will make you the favourite at any occasion! For the gluten-intolerant, Purest Bakery in Perth has sweet treats that taste as good as those made with wheat, including pancake mix or hot mexican cocoa.

In Almonte, try Baker Bob  for the best fresh bagels in the County, or HFT for incredible half-the-fat doughnuts. The bakery at 1840s General Store, known for their sticky-buns, will knock your socks off.  Blackfly Grub Hub in Perth offers sensational off-the-wall flavours for the doughnut connaisseur. If you want to take a break from cooking, contact Beckwith Kitchen in Beckwith  and place an order for homemade fresh and frozen meals and desserts, prepared using locally sourced ingredients. They also take orders for baked goods, including holiday treats!

  1. Farm Fresh

Fill your holiday table with farm-fresh fare, grown in Lanark County. You can find artisanal and farm-fresh products at Coutts Country Flavours, where you’ll find local maple syrup, baked treats, locally sourced meats and cheeses, and more. For something different, look for Milkhouse Farm & Dairy sheep cheese, made in Montague Township, and found at Foodsmiths in Perth.