Local Producers

When you buy “fresh” vegetables or fruit from the grocery store, even in-season, that food may have traveled over 2000 km to get to your plate. This uses up a lot of fossil fuel. It takes 435 calories of energy, for example, to transport a 7-calorie strawberry from California to Perth.
Buying locally-produced goods such as fruits, vegetables, plants, syrup, and honey not only benefits not only you and your family, it also helps to sustain our community, our local economy, and the planet! As the demand for local food continues to grow, the Lanark County Harvest Festival provides people with a direct connection to the quality of local producers.

For more information on Lanark County’s local producers and buying local visit: www.lanarklocalflavour.ca

If you love the Lanark County Harvest Festival, and want to buy local throughout the year, check out our local farmers’ markets!

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Greystone Ridge Farm

Handmade goat milk soap bars, crocheted cotton soap pockets, handmade pine, soap dishes, lavender sachets, rhubarb marmalade

Jameswood Maple

Maple Syrup

Kings Creek Garlic Farm

Everything garlic! Pickles, jelly, garlic powder, garlic chips, black garlic and black garlic powder

Kricklewood Farm

Cold-pressed sunflower oil, sunflower oil bread dippers and oil infusions

Little Flower Creations

Wreaths, home decor plants (air plants & succulents), candle holders, centrepieces, greeting cards, etc.

Oh Fudge!

Fresh Homemade fudge in a variety of flavours

Pat’s Sweet Temptations

Cookies, squares, butter tarts and loaves

Piggin’ Out

BBQ sausages, pulled pork, butter chicken, cookies, coffee and homemade cold drinks

Pleasant Pastures Poultry

Farm fresh pastured chicken


Prospect Market

Produce, vegetable and perennial seeds, spice blends, dried herbs, gourmet hot sauces, raw apple cider vinegar, body care products (bath bombs, lotions, deodorants, lip balms) wool dryer balls, knitted dish cloths and artwork

Tasha’s Table 

Preserves (jams, jellies, applesauce, pickles, soup), Fresh produce (Veggies and fruit)

The Beckwitch

Heirloom vegetables, unusual preserves, artisan yogurt, soaps, gourmet hot sauces, glass and wood products