Heritage Drive: Montague Township’s Historic Wonder

Heritage Drive is a scenic road winding through picturesque vistas of the Rideau Canal and pastoral remnants of days gone by.

In 1789, Roger Stevens settled near here, making him very possibly the first European settler in Lanark County. By 1802, Montague’s 90 inhabitants represented the first wave of settlement in what would become Lanark County.

Montague possesses Lanark’s longest stretch on the Rideau Canal and Heritage Drive touches two of its lock stations: Clowes Lock and Andrewsville. As a World Heritage Site and a piece of living history, the canal serves as a reminder of the routes that opened up Lanark County to the immigration and commerce that would fuel the region’s growth throughout the 19th century.

Stately stone homesteads and early barns, some of which rank amongst the earliest architectural structures in Lanark County, grace both sides of Heritage Drive. Settlers began building stone dwellings there as early as 1820 and possibly earlier.

As the point of origin for European settlement in Lanark County, with the Rideau Canal and some of the County’s earliest stone architecture, Heritage Drive is a microcosm of the history of the entire region and should be considered a Wonder of Lanark County.

Site Location: Heritage Drive is a 5 km road that runs along the historic Rideau Canal from the south-east corner of Montague Township to the outskirts of the village of Merrickville.

Historic Homes of Heritage Drive:

378 Heritage Drive, Montague, Ontario Canada


563 Heritage Drive, Montague, Ontario Canada


619 Heritage Drive, Home and Barn, Montague, Ontario Canada



745 Heritage Drive, Montague, Ontario


Pinecrest Farm, 790 Heritage Drive, Montague, Ontario Canada


851 Heritage Drive, Montague, Ontario