Insta-Tour: Top 10 most Instagrammable spots in Lanark County

Instagrammers everywhere will know the perfect photo awaits around every corner, and Insta-gems are hidden all around us. Charming downtown streets, historic stone buildings, trend-setting breweries, or rolling rural fields often make the best Instagram photos.

In Lanark County, the small communities and wide-open natural spaces make for picture-perfect and interesting shots. From the charming small town of Almonte and on to Carleton Place, Perth, Smiths Falls, and beyond, Lanark County is teeming with Instagrammable spots just waiting to be uncovered.

Your next popular Instagram post awaits in #LanarkCounty, Ontario’s #maplecapital!

1. Say cheese at the Mammoth Cheese in Perth

The Mammoth Cheese in Perth dates back to 1893 when local farmers made a 1,000 kg block of cheese to exhibit at the World Fair in Chicago. Snap a pic in front of this massive piece of history to get the full scale, then swing by the Perth Museum to learn about more historical innovations.

2. Pose with the moose at Baitcasters in Beckwith

There’s a moose on the loose in Lanark County, and it lives at Baitcasters, a fishing and hunting store that sits midway between Carleton Place and Smiths Falls. Drop by to say hi and marvel at how big a moose can be – because this moose is life-sized!


3. Tour the murals in Carleton Place

Instagram pros know that colourful backdrops make the best shots – tour the murals in Carleton Place and find the perfect colour combination for that vibrant Instagram post that will get hundreds of likes.  Stop into the Carleton Place Visitor Information Centre across from town hall to get the locations of all the murals

4. Lounge on a colourful Muskoka chair at Rideau Ferry

Adirondack chairs say “cottage” so well, and the brightly coloured chairs in Rideau Ferry will let everyone know you are in cottage country. Get some take-out from CC’s on the Rideau and dine on the dock while watching the boats cruise past.

5. Climb to new heights at Blueberry Mountain in Lanark Highlands

The work to get to the lookout at the top of Blueberry Mountain will be worth the effort. With a round-trip hike that averages approximately 45-minutes this trail is full of natural flora and fauna that will beg you to stop for a quick pick. At the top, look out over the treetops and see the world unfold below for miles and miles.

6. Have a chat with Dr. James Naismith in Almonte

You won’t need to worry about getting caught up in conversation with Dr. James Naismith in downtown Almonte. The life-sized bronze statue may look like the real Dr. Naismith, but he’ll pose for as many photos as you want without a single complaint. Grab a bite from Baker Bob or Gaslight Cafe while you bench with the inventor of Basketball. 

7. Snap a shot of history at the Five-Span Stone Bridge in Pakenham

It’s pretty cool that this stone bridge is the only one of its kind in North America. Head to Pakenham and you won’t miss the historic Five-Span Stone Bridge circa 1903 spanning the Mississippi River. Pick up a picnic lunch from the cute and cozy Pakenham General Store (tip: this would make another great photo) and dine at the Five-Span Bridge park.




8. Upper Nicholsons Lock, The Andrewsville Bridge Lookout 

If you thought the Pakenham bridge was a slice of history you’ll love travelling along Heritage Drive to the “secret” lookout point at Andrews Lockstation in Montague. Past the beautiful stone homes and majestic horse farms, you will find this little peek over the Rideau that makes you feel like you have discovered a hidden gem, where the sounds of songbirds and rushing water are the backdrop.

9. Lounge in Le Boat’s giant chair in Smiths Falls

Everyone will feel tiny when sitting in Le Boat’s giant blue chair on the shores of the UNESCO World Heritage Site; the Rideau Canal in Smiths Falls. Say cheese then wander up the street and pick up some locally sourced cheeses at The Pickled Pig for an impromptu picnic in Centennial Park.

  1. Horse around on the Mica Trail at Murphys Point

As you walk along the mica trail at Murphys Point Provincial Park, you will come across a life size replica of a horse drawn wagon that looks so real that you’re photo might shock a few of your followers. Wear your flats for this rustic walk through fields and forest, and check in at the gate when you arrive at the park entrance to get your day pass. 


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