Rideau Ferry Regatta

Drummond North Elmsley plays host to the biennial Rideau Ferry Regatta on Rideau Lake in Rideau Ferry. Scheduled to take place in 2021 at the beautiful Rideau Ferry Conservation Area, the Rideau Ferry Regatta is a traditional race boat regatta that has been entertaining spectators for more than 120 years. Watch vintage Grand Prix hydroplanes, along with other inboard and outboard race boat classes.  This event is not to be missed! Rideau Ferry boasts new public docks, a convenience store and a fantastic local restaurant only feet from the Rideau waterway.

For more information call 613.267.6500 or visit http://rideauferryregatta.ca/ 

For dates, see the Event Listing: https://lanarkcountytourism.com/events/rideau-ferry-regatta/