Say prost (cheers)! Sample traditional German ‘bier’ at Braumeister Brewery

Beer lovers looking for an authentic German brew experience but without the travel are in luck – the German brewing influence can be found in the heart of Lanark County, at Braumeister Brewing Co., a new brewery where traditional Bavarian-styled beers are carefully crafted by a Brewmaster who lived, worked, and brewed beer in Germany.

In Germany, drinking beer is about more than just the alcohol, it’s part of a lifestyle, and the local brewpub is the place where people go to network and socialize. As the only brewery specializing in German beers in the area, Braumeister brewmaster Sheldon Scrivner and owner, Rohit Gupta, are using their experience gleaned from years spent living and working in Germany and Austria to bring that authentic experience to Lanark County.


At Braumeister, the German and Austrian influences don’t end when the bier stein is empty, they can also be found in the Bavarian-inspired tap room centrally located in Carleton Place. Here, flavourful brews are served alongside German pretzels topped with Bavarian mustards, and with German and Polish sausages and cheese.


Long beer-hall tables, a heavy lean towards wood trim and furnishings, and a communal atmosphere complete the German-themed interior, while an outdoor patio overlooks the scenic Ottawa Valley Rail Trail (OVRT), the perfect place to sit and imbibe some German spirit.


Braumeister’s two flagship beers include Märzen, a traditional Bavarian beer with a robust body and colour, and an elegant, slightly toasted maltiness and aroma; and Helles, a traditional German-styled lager brewed in the style of the beers found in Munich beer halls and beer gardens throughout Bavaria.


Seasonal brews also grace the menu, including Rheinwasser (Kölsch-style ale); Route 21 (Märzen), a traditional beer that is more robust in body and colour, and with an elegant, slightly toasted maltiness and aroma; and Stag Heat (Altbier), a dark copper/amber coloured malt-forward beer with notes of caramel, chocolate and – surprisingly – Tootsie-Roll.


Braumeister is the latest brewery to join Lanark County’s rapidly growing craft beer and spirit industry, seen today nine locations across the county, including Pakenham and Almonte in Mississippi Mills, Carleton Place, and Perth.  Plan a visit to Braumeister Brewing Co. to fill your belly on Bavarian, Polish and German fare, and you’ll walk out knowing just what the fuss is about Germany’s brewing heritage. Liederhosen optional.