The Maple Trail: Maple all year ’round in Lanark County

Welcome to the Maple Syrup Capital of Ontario!

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It stands to reason that a place known as the Maple Syrup Capital of Ontario would abound with this sweet, liquid gold! In Lanark County, local food is a form of expression and maple products adorn every table. Maple syrup ranks high on the list of “super-foods,” boasting health benefits and over 20 antioxidants. Lanark County is the proud home to a myriad of award-winning producers, including world champions and premier awards from the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

Seasonal Maple Sugar Camps are open from mid-February to mid-April or when the sap is running! During the season, tapping trees for sap is a time-honoured tradition practiced using heritage and modern methods that you can see in action at numerous sugar bushes and camps across the county. Visit a seasonal Maple Producer in Lanark County!

Syrup Grades

The new colour classes for Grade A Pure Maple Syrup have replaced the traditional labels of “dark,” “medium,” “light,” and “extra light” with names that describe the intensity of flavour: Golden is “delicate,” Amber is “rich,” Dark is “robust,” and Very Dark is “strong.” mmmMaple!




The Ultimate Maple Adventure: The Maple Trail 

Build your maple adventure! You will be amazed at the opportunities to learn, taste, shop and eat the goodness of Lanark County Maple Syrup. Shops, restaurants, sugar camps and even a baseball factory are all on board when it comes to maple!

Year-Round Maple Experiences

Once the sap is collected and the maple products are made, you can enjoy the magic of maple all year. In autumn, Lanark County’s sugar maple forests explode with bright yellow – one of the most dramatic displays of fall colours in the world!

Savouring a Weekend Getaway on Lanark County’s Maple Trail


Balderson Village Cheese StoreBalderson Village Cheese Store 

You will find Dorian Height’s maple candy and maple butter sold here year round.


Beckwith Butcher

Yes, maple breakfast sausage is available seasonally (it sells out!) made with maple syrup from ThomsponTown. It’s a family favourite, sold frozen to cook at home. 


Baker Bob’s

Frozen maple mousse pie is always available from the freezer, an easy addition to any meal at home or to treat your friends.  


Carleton Place Visitor Centre & Souvenir Shoppe

Maple Syrup from ThompsonTown, and maple sugar from Springdale Farms is readily available for sale as a takeaway from your visit to the Maple Syrup Capital!


Coutts Country Flavour Store

Set on the corner of the farm & sugarbush that has been in the Coutts family for over 150 years, tapping 6,000 trees to make their own hard and soft candy and chewy maple drops, maple sugar, maple chips and maple pancake mix. You may also choose to bake with their maple granola, and fresh maple syrup. It is here you will also find baked goods including maple chocolate brownies and pies of all kinds; maple apple, maple strawberry rhubarb, maple wild blueberry, maple pecan or maple raspberry! Maple butter, maple strawberry jam and maple raspberry preserves are made and sold on-site. Stop in, and try a maple butter tart! 613-267-0277 |1230 County Rd. #18, Perth | Read Article


Don’s Meat Market

For the grill, pick up some fresh hand-made Maple Chipotle sausage on your way to the cottage or for your next charcuterie board – a conversation piece that is sure to impress.


Equator Coffee Roasters

Savour a Maple Latte made with Fulton’s maple sugar or book a coffee cupping experience and roastery tour. Take home a bar of maple latte soap as a souvenir.



Try Coutts’ maple syrup on your French toast for Sunday brunch in this historic woolen mill overlooking Stewart Park.


Fall River Foods 

At Fall River Fashion in beautiful downtown Heritage Perth, a storefront is dedicated to fashionable food including a selection of fine Lanark County Maple Syrup. 



You’ll find true Lanark County maple sugar candy made by Ennis Maple Products and syrup made at Temple’s Sugar Camp. Order maple products online at


Freska Restaurant

Order “The Local” french toast served with candied pecans, maple cream Lanark County Maple Syrup for a delicious delight.


Fulton’s Maple Shoppe

On the sugarbush, this store serves up an extensive selection of both sweet an savoury maple delights including maple BBQ sauces, maple infused spices, maple preserves, maple candy floss, maple mustard, maple butter, maple syrup and the ultimate Maplicious lip balm, maple milk bath, maple shea butter, and more …the shop is open Tuesdays & Thursdays from 10 am to 3 pm or by group booking. Order maple products online at


Healthy Food Technologies (HFT)

This research lab developed cutting edge equipment that makes doughnuts that are up to 70% less fat than regular doughnuts. Try their delicious Maple Bacon doughnut! These delicious doughnuts are also served at Fulton‘s and Gaslight Cafe.  


Hummingbird Chocolate Maker

Winner of the 2016 Golden Bean award, this world renowned chocolate is made from Bean to Bar on site, Try the Maple Chocolate bar made with Fulton’s maple sugar or take home a bar of chocolate chip maple soap.


Lanark Landing

Try Jameswood maple syrup with your meal, where real maple syrup is always an option.



Maximillian’s Restaurant

Highlighted as “Where to Eat in Canada” for over 20 years, try the Maple Pork Loin dish drizzled with Wheelers pure maple syrup.


Mill Street Crepe Company

Hot crepes served with Fulton’s maple syrup offer a flavourful twist to this traditional favourite.


Perth Chocolate Works

Try the Lanark Maple Cream chocolates in the signature leaf shape! They’re not just cute. They’re devine. Local maple cream covered in the finest Belgian chocolate that melts in your mouth. 


Perth Brewery 

Oh! Canada Maple Ale is a simply outstanding classic ale with a hint of maple sources from our very own Temple’s Sugar camp. It’s a must-try and the perfect gift for your hosts at the cottage.  


Pakenham General Store

Visit this historical bakery housed in the oldest continuously operating general store in Canada! You must try the maple cinnamon muffin made with Wheelers family golden maple syrup or grab a serving of maple baked beans for the campfire.


Parkside Spa

With Fulton’s own Maplicious maple lotion, maple sugar scrub, and maple shea butter, you can enjoy a maple manicure or pedicure offered by request.


 Sam Bat

The Original Maple Bat Corporation has proven that baseball bats made of maple wood are superior. Serving the major leagues, Sam Bat will tour you through their manufacturing plant and even arrange for you to try out their maple bats in the batting cage.


Sunflower Bake Shop

Best –ever maple walnut sticky buns are made fresh and hot every morning. Grab a dozen maple pecan cranberry tarts for your next dinner party or picnic, made with maple syrup produced by Pat Furlong at Elphin Gold Organic Farm.


The Cheddar Stop

Ottawa Valley Fudge is locally made with ThompsonTown Maple syrup in Clayton. Take home a slab of irresistible fresh maple fudge to share with friends.


The Stone Cellar in Perth The Stone Cellar

Try the sweet potato fries drizzled with Stead’s maple syrup or call ahead to make reservations for the spectacular 5-course maple dinner, paired with wine or beer. Maple is also an essential ingredient in their soups, compotes and coulis.


Top Shelf Distillery 

Reunion Maple moonshine is made with Temple’s maple syrup.



Tweed Visitor Centre

Why not switch things up a bit? The Tweed Visitor Centre is a captivating and interactive way to learn all about Tweed’s facility and their favourite plant. Take a peek into real grow rooms, learn about cannabis from the inside out, and sift through the giftshop to peruse a selection of Paul’s Maple Syrup.


 Wheelers Pancake House & Sugar Camp

Named one of the Top 10 maple experiences in Canada by Canadian Geographic. On site, a Canadian character log building houses the largest collection of maple artifacts in the World according to the Guinness Book. Recognized by Heritage Canada, this is a great place to learn about the history of maple sugar production. The pancake house is set on 600 acre sugar maple forest, open 7 days a week from 9 am to 3pm excluding Christmas Day.  The big fluffy pancakes are made from a family recipe and the maple sausage is handmade with Wheelers own syrup. Shop online at 


Maple Events 

Maple Weekend

On the first weekend in April, participating maple producers open their operations to celebrate and share the first maple harvest of the season.


Festival of the Maples

This annual celebration of everything maple takes place on the last Saturday of April in Downtown Heritage Perth. Meet the producers, see demonstrations and enjoy family entertainment.

Maple Run Tour

Enjoy this free, self-guided driving tour showcasing artisans, heritage buildings and locally made products.


Lanark County Harvest Festival

Held annually on the second Sunday of September in beautiful Beckwith Park. Meet local producers, talk to food experts, learn from cooking demonstrations and educational displays while enjoying live musical entertainment and free children’s activities.

Agricultural Fairs

See the most dramatic fall colours in the world as Lanark County’s sugar maples turn from green to gold and join the rainbow of colours in our forests. In September, pay a visit to the Pakenham Fair, Perth Fair, Maberly Fair, Middleville Fair and McDonald’s Corners Fair.


Traditional Canadian Pancake Breakfast


Check the calendar of events for pancake breakfast events hosted throughout the season across Lanark County

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