The Seven Wonders of Lanark County

Bring your camera, meander through historic villages and capture our breathtaking Seven Wonders of Lanark County! 

Five Span Bridge – at Five Span Bridges Park, Pakenham


The breathtaking Five-Span Stone Bridge in Pakenham (Mississippi Mills), built in 1903 by Scottish stone masons and restored in 1984, is unique in North America and is believed to be the only one of its kind in the world outside Russia.

4916 Kinburn Side Rd, Mississippi Mills, ON K0A 2X0
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St. Peter Celestine Church, Pakenham


St. Peter Celestine Church in Pakenham (Mississippi Mills) is the only church in the county built in the French Classic style and is one of only three Canadian churches known to retain its particular Classic Italianate interior decoration. The superb original interior decor was restored as part of the church’s centennial celebrations in 1993.

139 Renfrew St, Mississippi Mills, ON K0A 2X0
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The Mill of Kintail Museum, – at Mill of Kintail Conservation Area, Mississippi Mills

SEVEN WONDERS _ MILL OF KINTAIL _ SUMMER _ JENNA BRADY _ WRITTEN PERMISSION _ MISSISSIPPI MILLS _ 2014The Mill of Kintail in Mississippi Mills showcases the restored studio and home of Robert Tait MacKenzie: sculptor, physician and designer. This historic site pays homage to a great Canadian while showcasing nature and providing a learning centre and gathering place. The 152-acre site of beautiful conservation land is owned and operated by Mississippi Valley Conservation.

Concession Road 8, Mississippi Mills, ON K0A 1A0
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Blueberry Mountain – at CliffLAND | The Clifford Family protected Wilderness, Lanark Highlands

SEVEN WONDERS _ BLUEBERRY MOUNTAIN _ SUMMER _ JOHN CLEMENT _ LANARK HIGHLANDS _ 2009 _ LOW RESHike to the top of Blueberry Mountain within the Clifford Family protected Wilderness; the highest point in the County where the view astounds. This nature sanctuary is home to countless species of flora and fauna. Members of the Clifford family are stewards of the land, conserving the natural forests and wetlands and sharing them with the community.

502 Hills of Peace Rd, Lanark Highlands, ON K0G 1K0
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Blueberry Mountain is located on Private Property. Hikers are welcome to take a self-guided walk to Blueberry Mountain. Permission to hike the trail is granted by reading, completing, and signing a Liability of Waiver form.

Lady’s Slipper Orchids – at Purdon Conservation Area, Lanark Highlands

Nature_showy lady slippers Purdons Conservation Area3 _summer_Marie White_2010The Showy Lady’s Slipper Orchids at Purdon Conservation Area are the greatest abundance found anywhere in Canada, some 10,000 plants. The site, owned by Mississippi Valley Conservation, features boardwalks, viewing areas and educational signage that make this an accessible destination – particularly during blooming season (typically between mid-June and mid-July).

Concession Road 8, Lanark Highlands, ON K0G 1K0
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Silver Queen Mica Mine – at Murphys Point Provincial Park near Perth

EXPIRES 2016 _ SEVEN WONDERS _ SILVER QUEEN MICA MINE _ OPEN HOUSE _ ROCKS GROUP _ TAY VALLEY _ SUMMER _ OHTO _ WRITTEN PERMISSION BY EMAIL _ 2013 _ LOW RES (18)The Silver Queen Mica Mine may not be open for tours this year, but the Mica Trail is the next best thing – located at Murphys Point Provincial Park in Tay Valley Township. In the early 1900s minerals were mined and shipped by barge along the Rideau Canal and by train from Perth, providing extra income for local farming families. The mine symbolizes the hardships and importance of small-scale mining in this area.  Park fees may apply. 

2243 Elm Grove Rd, Perth, ON K7H 3C7
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Stewart Park, Perth

Miller and BenStewart Park in Perth, a five-acre green space in the heart of town, was donated by the late Jessie Mabel Stewart in 1947 in memory of her husband, the Honourable John Alexander Stewart, who was a prominent figure in the town’s history. The Tay River flows through this beautiful park, which features majestic maples, rock wall gardens, picnic tables and benches.

Perth, ON
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The Seven Wonders Driving Tour: 

Drive around and explore Lanark County’s own Seven Wonders starting at the Five Span Stone Bridge in Pakenham, Ontario. Directions on how to get to the bridge or any other seven wonder can be seen by clicking on the links above (Get Directions). The tour can be viewed and rearranged on Google Maps to your liking by simply clicking on the “more options” link in the top left hand corner of the map!

Listen to the Sounds of the Seven Wonders: Soundscapes of the Seven Wonders